The Ketse way

Because we understand your unique way of using information,
our solutions will fit you perfectly today, and grow with you in the future.

Our mission

We help public interest organisations make their information and services accessible to their audiences.

We have worked on solutions for nonprofits, judicial institutions, academic institutes, election commissions, social service providers, and intergovernmental organisations.

Our decade of experience shows us that the leaders of public interest organisations most often aspire to excellence. They may have a very clear and compelling vision of how they want to use technology to modernise their institutions, and offer better services and accountability to the people they serve.

Our mission is to help them achieve their vision.

We offer complete solutions combining consulting,
prototyping, software development & data migration.



Browse  the resolutions of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and analyse votes. Ketse provided initial prototype for front end, front end development, Casebox-based CMS, migration and parsing of UN documents.

ACHPR Website

Website of the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR). Ketse provided concept and prototypes, front end development, custom CMS, graphic design, hosting and support.

African Human Rights Case Law Analyser

Brings together all the case law of the African human rights courts and commissions, with faceted browsing, making it easy for advocates to learn and explore.Ketse provided concept and prototypes, front end development, Casebox-based CMS, initial graphic design, hosting and support.

ECHR Case Law Database

Alternative to the European Court Human Rights HUDOC database, showcasing how citations can be used to find relevant or related court decisions. Entirely executed by Ketse as a showcase project.

OMCT - World Organization Against Torture

World Organization Against Torture uses this website to track and visualise their urgent appeals and other activities in their fight against torture. Ketse provided concept and prototypes, front end development, custom CMS, data migration from old site, hosting and support.
Client: OMCT


Provides easy access to the most significant decisions Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights. Ketse provided prototypes, front end development, Casebox-based CMS, parsing of 100s of case documents from Court and Commission.

Sova Center

SOVA - Center for Information and Analysis

Website of Russia’s main extremism monitor. Ketse providedKetse provided concept and prototypes, front end development, custom CMS, graphic design, complex data migration of legacy data, hosting and support.

Elections in the Republic of Moldova

The most comprehensive source of information on about the electoral process and elections in Moldova, organized since the independence from the Soviet Union. Entirely executed by Ketse.

National Council for Accreditation and Attestation

National Council for Accreditation and Attestation

The institution of central public administration on evaluation and accreditation of organizations in the field of science and innovations and attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification. Entirely executed by Ketse.


In partnership with HURIDOCS, Ketse has developed an open source information management system called Casebox that we use in most of our projects. It is flexible and secure (audited by Cure 53).

Open Data

Ketse helps national governmental institutions publish data so that it is easily accessible and re-usable by others, ideally free of charge. We understand inter-operabilty. We focus on judicial data and we have experience with the Akoma Ntoso standard.


Oleg Burlaca

Lead Information Architect & CTO
Oleg is the lead information architect and manages the software development team. Oleg was HURIDOCS technology partner between 2009 and 2016. He led the development of the Casebox case management software, and has delivering many successful and innovative information technology projects that have delighted their owners.

Jörn Erbguth

Legal Informatics Consultant
Jörn advises clients on document and information management and manages client projects. His knowledge of law and technology put him in a unique position to advise on all aspects of legal information systems. Jörn was formerly the Chief Technology Officer of Swisslex, the leading jurisprudence database company of Switzerland. He is an independent consultant currently doing a PhD about blockchain and dispute resolution at the University of Geneva.


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